-The Save Archy's Soul Foundation-

In the arms of the Misfits

Teleport away from here

From this dark cold Netherdeep 

And the Ruidium that you fear

You are pulled from the sorrow

Of your impending doom

You're in the arms of the Misfits.

We at the Save Archy's Soul Foundation are passionate about helping young Archy live a fruitful, happy, and productive life.

As a son born under the Ruidus Moon, Archy's fate was forcibly branded as cursed child and his life to be marred by ridicule and suspicion by common society. Victim of his father's obsessive and violent plans to unnaturally create a son of great power, to gain fortune and status for himself, one would not be surprised if Archy was found to be a vile and malicious creature. The truth however could not be further from that assumption. 

So lets take a moment and learn about this very special young man. 

A Boy Under Burden, a Man of Heart

At the age of 17 Archy was a wondering, lost child, running from a past. Little did he know that fate would direct him to meet and join the Legendry Misfits of Exandria!

What started as an onslaught of distrust and secrets would soon blossom into relationships of necessity and eventually family. Archy soon found himself surrounded by unfamiliar kindness and those that saw him not as the "monster" he was made to believe he was, but a trusted ally, friend, and comrade.

As his time with the Misfits continued, he has completed many adventures for the betterment of Exandria, some gaining him the title of "Champion" of the Ank' Harel wrestling circuit and the "Sweetheart of the Bootin-Scoot" country tavern.

More importantly Archy would rise above his past into a man of 18, full of life and responsibility. Archy is well known for putting everything on the line for his friends and family. Though a young man, Archy's heart and compassion for those suffering is unmatched by any his senior, save maybe the enchanting Shionne Tree, leader of the Misfits. 

A Hero in Need

After giving all he can for the world around him, Archy now needs our help. Suffering from terminal Ruidium Poisoning, the Misfit are currently embarked on a desperate mission to save the boy turn man that has saved so many and has asked nothing in return. 

For just 3 payments of 500 GP, sent to the Save Archy's Soul Foundation, aboard the The Bastard airship in Ank' Harel, you too can help save Archy's soul.

Your generous contribution will help secure desperate research and advancement in Rubidium Poisoning cures and treatment.